The Resistance Takes Mocking Of Trump To A New High But Can’t Top The White House Crazy

The Resistance can’t even mock the Trump Administration without being topped by their actual behavior.

On the day that Donald Trump announced he might just cancel White House briefings and the White House just stopped answering the phone all together, a woman posted to Facebook pictures she’s putting in random bushes of a cutout of the top half of Sean Spicer’s head.

The weirdest thing about this is that it is the least weird news about Sean Spicer or Donald Trump.

It actually totally makes sense.

Kelsey Hayes of Politico Europe shared this:

If you thought Spicer’s head in the dark among the bushes was perhaps a low point or an anomaly, I give you the White House not answering the phone.

Brian Stelter and the CNN Money team reported in their newsletter, “At the moment, the White House doesn’t seem to be providing any spokespeople for the Sunday shows. ‘Fox News Sunday; host Chris Wallace said Friday morning: ‘We can’t even reach anybody” at the White House — ‘they’re not available, they’re not answering the phone.'”

This is all trickling down, so to speak, from the man in charge. Donald Trump threatened to replace Sean Spicer with himself during an interview with Jeanine Pirro, in which he also threatened to just cancel those daily White House briefings.

After admitting that his communications staff couldn’t keep up, Trump came up with the solution of replacing the daily briefing with himself. The President said, “We just don’t have them, and we do… Unless I have them every two weeks and I do them myself. We don’t have them.”

It doesn’t work like that when you’re the leader of the free world. There’s this thing called accountability and in service of that, the enshrined freedom of the press. The press has to be given updates on the actions of the White House. If Trump et al can’t manage to be accurate, the solution is not to cancel the briefings. Maybe try harder, get organized, give information to the people tasked with relaying it.

Only in the Age of Trump would the actions of citizens mocking the bizarre behavior of the U.S. President and his staff be topped by the actual crazy behavior of the U.S. President and his staff.

The people are allowed to do things like putting Sean Spicer’s head in the bushes to make fun of the in-the-dark-“among”-the-bushes meeting with the press Spicer held to announce the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

The Washington Post first wrote of that debacle that Spicer emerged after “several minutes hidden in the darkness and in the bushes.” But they updated that to “among”, the way a paper must to avoid being called Fake News by President Donald Trump, who holds himself to no standard of accuracy, accountability, or reality.

Trump just makes things up and then gets angry and lashes out when the press won’t repeat his trumped up accusations verbatim without fact checking them.

Among the bushes, you guys. Among. Not in. Thanks.

Usually, the people who are not in the White House are given the latitude to express themselves in whatever way they choose. But the Resistance can’t compete with the real Donald Trump and his White House of crazy.