The Roof Caves In On Trump As Democrats Demand His Conversations With Top Intel Officials

House Oversight Committee Democrats have sent a letter to Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and a letter to National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers requesting all documents notes and conversations with Donald Trump. The Democrats are investigating whether Trump tried to obstruct the Russia investigation.

Here is the letter that Ranking Oversight Committee member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) wrote to Director of National Intelligence Coates:

The dangerous part of the Russia investigation for Trump may not be if he colluded with Russia, but if he obstructed justice and attempted to interfere with the Russia investigation.

The fact that Congress is obviously looking at Trump for obstruction of justice is the worst case scenario for this president because it is an offense that could be used as grounds for impeachment even if it does not reach the legal standard needed to convict on an obstruction of justice charge.

The press tends to focus on the figures surrounding Trump and the daily drip of details in the Russia investigation, but the Cummings letter is a reminder that the President himself is a central figure in this story. Trump’s own actions are under investigation. The threat to Trump’s presidency is any proof that he abused his presidential power to obstruct the Russia investigation. Such a development would go beyond damaging and be politically fatal.

Trump has skated by for months without being personally connected to the scandal. The investigation of obstruction of justice could put Trump at the heart of the Russia any potential Russia cover-up.

Jason Easley
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