James Comey Is Going To Do Something More Devastating Than Accusing Trump Of A Crime

Comey is going to do something worse for Trump than accusing him of obstruction of justice. The former FBI Director is going to refute Trump’s claims and share his concerns about the President.

ABC News reported:
Although Comey has told associates he will not accuse the President of obstructing justice, he will dispute the president’s contention that Comey told him three times he is not under investigation.


“He is not going to Congress to make accusations about the President’s intent, instead he’s there to share his concerns,” the source said, and tell the committee “what made him uneasy” and why he felt a need to write the memo documenting the conversation.

It would be great for the White House if Comey’s testimony contained allegations about motives. Trump could dismiss the former FBI Director as a disgruntled employee or biased witness if Comey behaved in such a manner.

What is bad for Trump is a witness who offers facts and can demonstrate that the President’s account of their conversations was not accurate and truthful. James Comey doesn’t need to say that Trump intended to do anything. Comey needs to tell his story and offer the facts.

The facts and details about their conversations are worse for Trump than any opinion or allegation. Comey isn’t going to accuse Trump of anything, but his testimony could provide more pieces to the puzzle that Trump won’t be able to dismiss with a few early morning tweets.

The evidence will be worse for Trump than any allegation that James Comey could ever offer.