Donald Trump Jr. Helps To Impeach His Own Father By Proving Comey Right

Son of President Trump and Trump Organization trustee Donald Trump Jr. once again made a fool of himself in a public setting when he appeared on Fox News and proved former FBI Director James Comey’s recollection of the conversation between him and Trump regarding former NSA Director Michael Flynn right. Adding more confusion to Trump’s denial, Jr. said “when [Trump] tells you to do something, guess what? There is no ambiguity in it,” making Trump seem like the fearless and decisive leader that he is not.


Trump Jr. then took it one step further and actually exposed his father’s lie and proved that Comey was an honest person who obeyed the law during his hearing on Capitol Hill by saying this:

“‘Hey I hope this happens, but you gotta do your job.’ That’s what [Trump] told Comey.”

While Jr. thought he was making a point about his father’s statement to Comey, he actually proved his dad wrong by saying that the President said what he had denied saying constantly. This is the same statement that Trump denied again and agreed to testify under oath using his word against Comey’s recently in a press conference.

This whole scenario screams that Trump is guilty of obstructing justice because his own son proved what the President has denied. This also shows that Trump is doing his best to perform a cover up, but is leaving far too many breadcrumbs behind. This cover up and obstruction could almost prove to be a bigger deal than the Russian investigation because it shows how untrustworthy our government can be in the hands of Trump.

Trump Jr. Then foolishly tried his best to put the focus back on James Comey, who he just proved right. By mocking his note taking, the son of the President thinks that he had won, but he does not realize that he made a significant mistake by contradicting his father and once again proving his statements to be nothing but lies.

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