Canada Condemns London Terror Attack On Muslims While Trump Stays Silent

Justin Trudeau did something that Donald Trump has not done. The Prime Minister of Canada has condemned the terrorist attack against Muslims in London.

Canadian PN Justin Trudeau tweeted:

Trump’s response to the terror attack that left one dead and 11 injured has been to say nothing. This is an ongoing pattern with the President. When the violence is committed by a Muslim extremist, Trump takes to Twitter immediately to try to politically profit off of the attack. If the violence is directed at Muslims as was the case recently in London and Virgina, Trump ignores the attacks and stays silent.

This White House’s silence on violence against people of the Muslim faith is a un-American embarrassment. Despite what the Fox News addicted President wants to believe, not all Muslims are terrorists.

Canada is now leading the world in condemning all forms of terror as the United States is being left behind due to the bigotry of Trump.

Trump isn’t making America great again. He is leading the country back to a disgusting old era that Americans have spent decades trying to leave behind.

Jason Easley
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