Cory Booker and Lindsey Graham Just Stopped Trump’s Plan To Fire Mueller Dead In Its Tracks

Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have introduced new legislation that would put a check on Trump’s ability to fire the special counsel investigating the Russia scandal, Robert Mueller.

The bill states:

Sen. Booker said, “A special counsel’s duty is to follow the facts and the law wherever that lead. They should never be subjected to interference or intimidation because of where an investigation takes them. This bill would subject any decision to fire a special counsel to a review by a panel of federal judges, ensuring any removal is for legitimate reasons instead of political motivations.”

The reason why this legislation is likely to pass was hit on by Sen. Graham, “Checks and balances have served the country well for the past two hundred years. Our legislation would allow judicial review of the firing of any special counsel that was impaneled to look at the President or their team – regardless of party. I think this is a good check and balance, both for today and in the future. We should all be interested in making sure that special counsels have oversight. Special counsels must act within boundaries, but they must also be protected. Our bill allows judicial review of any decision to terminate a special counsel to make sure it’s done for the reasons cited in the regulation rather than political motivation. I think this will serve the country well. I look forward to working with my Democratic and Republican colleagues to make this law.”

One of the many reasons why Republicans have struggled with total control of the federal government is because the constitutionally baked in struggle between the Executive and Legislative branches is playing due to Trump’s belief in unlimited executive power. Congress is fighting back, and legislative efforts like this one demonstrate that there are a growing number of Republicans who don’t trust Trump to use presidential power responsibly.

The bill is also a big warning shot to Trump that he better not even think about firing Mueller. Beyond Trump, this is a smart change to the law that is long overdue. When a special counsel is needed the country is already in crisis. Subjecting the removal of the special counsel to judicial review is a smart thing to do to protect the nation in a time of presidential scandal.

Trump better think twice before he tries to put the wheels in motion to fire Mueller because Congress will unleash a world of hurt on the president if he engineers the removal of the special counsel.