Trump Gives Mueller More Ammo To Bring Him Down By Firing Peter Strzok

Trump added more fuel to the Mueller fire when he had Peter Strzok fired instead of following proper FBI disciplinary procedures.

Adam Schiff Says There’s Evidence Of A Trump/Russia Criminal Conspiracy

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, threw cold water on Trump's witch hunt claims by saying that there is evidence of a Trump/Russia criminal conspiracy.

Peter Strzok Delivers The Russia Knock Out Blow That Republicans Fear The Most

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was trying to discredit Strzok and make him sound un-American when Strzok cut through the BS and cut to the heart of the Russia scandal.

The Peter Strzok Hearing Completely Backfires On Republicans

House Republicans held a hearing to push Donald Trump's deep state FBI bias discrediting of the Russia investigation, but the Peter Strzok hearing has totally backfired.

Trump’s Russia Denials Crushed By Bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee Report

A bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee destroyed Donald Trump's denials that Russia interfered to help him win the 2016 election.

A Group Of Treasonous House Republicans Just Moved To Help Trump Sabotage The Mueller Probe

A group of far-right Trump supporting House Republicans has introduced a treasonous resolution demanding a second special counsel to investigate the Russia investigation.

Adam Schiff Explains Why Rod Rosenstein Holds Trump’s Fate In His Hands

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) explained that Mueller is not going to indict Trump and hand the decision over to some jury, but instead, he will turn any findings of criminal activity by the president over to the Deputy Attorney General, which makes Rod Rosenstein a very important part of this process.

Mike Pence Shows That He Is Going Down With Trump For Russia

Vice President Mike Pence waded right into the middle of the Russia scandal by calling for an end to the Mueller investigation, which highlighted how deep Pence is in on the Russia scandal with Trump.

James Comey Destroys Trump’s Russia Scandal Defense In 18 Seconds

On Meet The Press, James Comey destroyed the foundation of Trump's Russia scandal defense in just 18 seconds.

Mentally Destroyed Trump Claims Democrats Colluded With The FBI And Russia

Trump falsely claimed that Democrats colluded against him with the FBI and Russia during the 2016 election at a rally in Michigan.

Robert Mueller Just Flipped Another Former Trump Adviser In His Escalating Russia Investigation

Each time another ex-Trump confidant flips on their former boss and starts cooperating with Mueller, the special counsel gets another building block in its growing case against Trump.

Adam Schiff Just Tore Apart Trump And His Son For Not Understanding What A Leak Is

Congressman Schiff gave the president and son Don Jr. a quick lesson on what it means to illegally leak classified information.

Even Fox News Admits The Phony GOP Memo Doesn’t ‘Totally Vindicate’ Trump

"It gins up [Trump's] base and it may help him politically, but legally it’s of no moment. ... I think the Republicans over-promised and under-delivered with their memo."

AM Joy Panel Erupts In Laughter Over Trump’s Rambling, Misspelled Memo Tantrum

Trump referred to himself in the third person, improperly used "their," and capitalized words at random. The simple act of reading the tweet left the AM Joy panel struggling to control their laughter.

Chris Murphy Warns GOP They Are In For Rude Awakening If They Try Stopping Mueller

"They are all going to go down with the ship if they are seen as trying to protect against the truth coming out in this investigation."

Trump Is Secretly Plotting To Get Special Counsel Robert Mueller In Front Of A Grand Jury

Delusional fantasies like this are proof that, behind the scenes, Donald Trump is panicking – and he has good reason to.

Adam Schiff Lays Waste To GOP For Putting Trump Over American Interests

Republicans see the writing on the wall and are desperately grasping at straws to save the president, no matter how much damage they do to the country on their way down. 

House GOP Puts Politics Over National Security And Votes To Release Phony Memo

In response to the mounting evidence against Donald Trump, Republicans have decided to wage war against the U.S. intelligence community instead of holding an increasingly guilty president accountable. 

Joy Reid Exposes Trump WH In Damning Clip Of Aides Lying About Effort To Fire Robert Mueller

All of the interviews shown in the clip took place after Trump reportedly ordered White House counsel to remove Mueller from his post.

Rachel Maddow Ridicules Trump For Trying To Fire Mueller Over A Golf Dispute

"See, the whole plot to destroy the Trump presidency is about a disgruntled former golfer who didn't like his greens fees and he held onto the grudge for years."