Joy Reid Exposes Trump WH In Damning Clip Of Aides Lying About Effort To Fire Robert Mueller

MSNBC’s Joy Reid exposed White House aides on Saturday, showing a video clip of Donald Trump’s associates saying that the president never even discussed firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

All of the interviews took place after Trump reportedly ordered White House counsel to remove Mueller from his post.


The clip and a short exchange between Reid and DOJ Spokesman Matthew Miller:

REID: Here are a series of Trump aides denying that Donald Trump had any intention of firing Bob Mueller. Now we’re going to listen to this with the context being that we now know that he attempted to order his aides to fire Bob Mueller.



REID: Matt, is there any way for us to know whether or not those guys were conscious of the truth when they were saying those things?


MILLER: I don’t think there’s a way for us to know. There’s a way for Bob Mueller to know because he’s interviewed a good number of them. I don’t think he’s interviewed Sarah Sanders, but he’s interviewed bunch of other aides. And he will have asked them directly that question. I think what this really exposes is how dangerous is it for these staffers to work for Donald Trump.

According to Thursday’s explosive report, Trump ordered Mueller to be fired last June. After top White House lawyer Don McGahn said he would resign before complying, Trump backed off. It’s unclear whether he revisited the idea later on.

The three interview clips that were shown during Saturday’s edition of AM Joy all took place following Trump’s reported attempt to remove Mueller – Aug. 6, Dec. 21 and Dec. 17, respectively.

Either some of the president’s closest advisers were completely clueless that their boss was about to make the shocking decision to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or they were simply covering up that effort.

Given the history of this White House, what do you think is more likely?