A Shiver Goes Through The White House As Rachel Maddow Takes Down Jared Kushner

Rachel Maddow showed why the Trump White House should be very afraid by connecting the dots on a meeting between Jared Kushner and a Putin ally during the presidential transition.


Maddow said, “Gorkov meeting with Kushner is not just a red flag. It is a blaring red siren and the fact that it’s not just contradictory explanations from the White House and the Russian side of this. There has been no plausible White House explanation for what Jared Kushner was doing in that meeting. Was it related to Kushner family business properties? Was it related to the Trump transition? Was it related to the Magnitsky Act? Was it related to sanctions? Was it related to ongoing undisclosed conversations that Flynn was having with Russians at the same time? We’ve had no explanation of that what so ever. Jared Kushner’s M.O. in terms of dealing with the Russia investigation is to appear to be completely transparent and cooperative. His security clearance application was a complete disaster in terms of disclosing his foreign contacts. His answers about whether or not anyone from the Trump campaign had been in contact with Russian officials is a complete disaster in terms of what we later learned about those contacts that he did not disclose, but this Gorkov meeting in particular. What was it about? The White House should have to say what it was about if Jared Kushner is going to continue to work at the White House.”

There have been numerous reports that Trump’s lawyers want Jared Kushner out of the White House. Trump is still getting updates from Kushner on the Russia investigation, and his son in law represents a giant legal liability for Trump.

Maddow nailed it.

If there is a Russia collusion red flag or smoking gun, it is likely to be attached to Kushner. The White House should be worried because the cable news host with the most audience growth has their number. Rachel Maddow is connecting the dots, and the result is that millions of people have a better understanding of the Russia scandal and Jared Kushner’s role in it.

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