Senate Republicans Are Trying To Hide Mike Pence Because They Are Worried That He’ll Be Asked About Mike Flynn

The reason why Senate Republicans are trying to get more than the 50 votes needed for their tax cut for the rich is that they want to keep Mike Pence from having to come to the Senate, because they are afraid reporters will him about Mike Flynn.


NBC’s Garrett Haake reported, “One reason Republican leaders would like to make sure they get corker and Susan Collins’ vote, even though they could pass it without them and Mike pence breaking the tie, Mike pence coming down here will get a lot of questions about Mike Flynn. Not having to call out the vice president would be a nice way to end this day for Republican leaders fighting on this bill.”

Even on the day when Republicans are about to get the achievement that they have been lusting after for years, an unprecedented upward redistribution of wealth, Senate Republicans are forced to scramble to get over 50 votes because they have to keep their vice president hidden from reporters.

Trump and the Republicans can try to convince themselves that they are winning, but all they are managing to accomplish is the passage of deeply unpopular tax cut for the wealthy and corporations while the looming dark cloud of the Russia investigation grows more ominous.

The fact that Republicans don’t want to bring Pence to the Senate floor, because reporters will ask him questions about Flynn and Russia as he steps out in public speaks volumes about the death spiral that the Republican Party is trapped in.