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Rachel Maddow Asks 2 Critical Questions That Could Rock Trump And The GOP On Russia

Rachel Maddow asked two key questions that both illustrate how the Russia scandal is bigger than Trump and has entangled the Republican Party.


Maddow said, “Now that we know that the President’s reelection campaign is paying the Russia scandal legal fees of the President’s son, and now that we know that the Republican Party is paying both the legal fees of the President and his son, are there legal considerations for the White House or the Republican Party in terms of who’s allowed to donate to those funds? As a related matter, do people who thought they were actually donating to the Republican Party, or Trump’s reelection effort, do those donors have a case for getting their money back if they didn’t intend for their money to be spent on Trump family legal fees?”

Those are both really great questions. What Trump is doing is morally wrong, but it is legal. The larger question is what does this intermingling of Russia investigation defense funds, Trump’s reelection, and the RNC mean for the Republican Party? The Russia scandal is bigger than a Trump scandal. It is a Republican Party scandal. Republicans are joined at the hip with Trump, so if they decide when the collusion hits the fan to bail on Trump, they won’t be able to distance themselves from this president.

The intermingling of funds also illustrates how deeply Trump has his claws in the GOP. The Republican Party is a shell that no longer exists. It is a host for a parasite named Donald Trump, who has eaten the party from the inside out and reshaped it in his own image.

The questions that Maddow asked are vital because they go to the heart of the role that the Republican Party has played in the Russia scandal, and what the fallout could mean for the GOP. If any donor decides to challenge this use of party funds to pay Trump’s legal bills in court, the result could be a party with its funds cut off, and a president having to pay his own legal defense.

Don’t let anybody fool you. The Republican Party is in it up to their eyeballs in the Russia scandal.

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