Trump Pushes US Toward War By Telling North Korea That A Military Attack Is Ready To Go

President Trump moved the country closer to war on Friday morning by warning North Korea that a US military attack is “locked and loaded.”

Trump tweeted:

Trump is escalating a conflict with Twitter threatening. Telling North Korea that the US is ready to attack, could be viewed as a provocative effort to bait Kim into launching a first strike against the US and its allies.

If the President is trying to avoid a war, he is going about it the wrong way.

There is no diplomacy going on. The President is undercutting the statements of his own Secretary of State with each tweet threat at North Korea. Trump seems to believe that he can bluff his way out of an international crisis. The combination of an unhinged and isolated dictator and an unstable, incompetent, and unfit US president has made the prospect of war very real.

Trump appears to want a war with North Korea. Since every other effort to make him popular has failed, Donald Trump is now trying to feed his ego with a war time presidency. The cost of Trump’s ego could be devastatingly deadly for the US, South Korea, and the North Korean people.

Make no mistake about it. Thanks to Trump’s tweet, the US is closer to war on Friday than they were on Thursday. Trump is painting himself into a corner and may leave himself no other solution, but a military strike.

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