Ex-RNC Official Explains How Trump Screwed The Whole Republican Party By Supporting Racists


Ex-RNC spokesperson Doug Heye brought up a fantastic point after Trump’s press conference. There is no way that Republicans can ask for support from minorities after the President’s full throated defense of racists.

Heye tweeted:


The Trump has always been to marginalize minorities at the polling place. The way Trump and people like Kris Kobach see it, the best way to avoid getting swept out of office by a tidal wave minority voters is to make sure that it is difficult for anyone who might support Democratic candidates to vote.

Voter suppression is vital to the Trump/Republican strategy because Donald Trump is burning bridges with minority voters that may never be rebuilt.

Trump’s press conference did shrink the Republican Party’s base. Republicans aren’t going to be able to rebound by running a Marco Rubio in the future. Thanks to Trump, the support that George W. Bush enjoyed from Hispanic voters is dead and gone. The future of the Republican Party is old, white, rural, and mostly male.

Demographics are still moving the United States towards being a minority majority country. In less than 20 years, non-Hispanic whites will be the minority in America. The change is coming and thanks to Donald Trump, the future majority may never vote Republican.