Steve Bannon Admits That North Korea Outsmarted Trump By Calling His Bluff

Trump White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon admitted that Trump was bluffing on North Korea. The White House doesn’t have a military strategy for North Korea, and that the North Koreans called Trump’s bluff.

Bannon told The American Prospect, “There’s no military solution [to North Korea’s nuclear threats], forget it. Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.”

Bannon later claimed that he did the interview with a liberal magazine as part of an attempt to take attention off of Trump for his comments supporting white supremacists, but it is what he confirms in the interview that is interesting. Steve Bannon confirmed that the Trump White House is full of chaos. There are factions at war with each other in the White House, and that they have no strategy for dealing with the most dangerous situations around the world.

Steve Bannon thought that he was creating a distraction to help Trump, but his main accomplishment was providing confirmation that the Trump White House is dysfunctional and unable to govern. Trump was outsmarted by the North Koreans because he and his team thought that they could bluff their way out of a crisis.

It wasn’t Trump who successfully changed the subject from North Korea, but Charlottesville and Trump’s response that focused national attention on a different Trump created crisis.

The Trump White House is making up as they go along, which is how they are going to bumble America into a catastrophic loss of life, or a new war.