After Getting Busted Chartering Private Jets, Tom Price To Pay Taxpayers Back $50,000

Correction: Price will only pay back $50,000, the cost of his seat. The original title said $400,000.00 based on Politico’s reporting of the total cost of the flights.

After he got busted wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on private jets, HHS Secretary Tom Price announced that he would be paying the money back.

Politico reported:

HHS Secretary Tom Price said he will write a personal check to the federal government for the costs of traveling on private jets and will permanently halt his use of charter flights.

“The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes,” Price said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

Price, who once criticized the governmental use of private jets as fiscal irresponsibility run amuck, will not be able to get away with just cutting a check to save his job. As a member of Congress, Tom Price spent years using the excuse of fiscal responsibility for his plans to gut social programs. Price was named Health and Human Services Secretary based on his zeal to repeal Obamacare.

The hypocritical corruption of Tom Price is not an isolated incident within the Trump administration. The Secret Service is out of money due to the strain that the President’s frequent vacations place on travel and security budgets. The Trump White House is full of officials who are wealthy and treat taxpayer dollars like a personal piggy bank to raid.

Tom Price is cutting a check to the taxpayers, but if he had a shred of ethics or responsibility to the taxes, he would never have been taking private jets in the first place.