Cable News Obsessed Trump Tries To Pass Off A Moment Of Silence As Gun Violence Policy

The moment of silence was a cable news visual, not an actual policy to deal with gun violence in America.


For a president who is hooked on cable news and only cares about how the media coverage makes him look, the moment of silence will be viewed as a “win.” The reality is that none of Trump’s remarks about the shooting have offered a shred of policy on gun violence. Trump did his usual song and dance where he called the perpetrator evil while trying to convince the American people that he has a shred of humanity by quoting scripture in the most empty and wooden of ways.

Ninety-three Americans are killed, and 200 more are injured daily due to gun violence. Where are their moments of silence from Trump and Pence?

The United States of America is a rudderless ship. The President has no interest in policy and is only concerned with what is being said about him in the press. A moment of silence is a solution to the epidemic of gun violence.

America needs from a president than standing on the grass pretending to care. Trump promised to shake up Washington, but on the issue of gun violence, all he is offering is more of the same old empty gestures.