Golfer-In-Chief: Trump Has Now Spent 27% Of His Presidency On A Golf Course

According to pool reports, for the second weekend in a row, Donald Trump departed the White House on Saturday morning to take another taxpayer-funded trip to his golf club in Sterling, Virginia.

The Hill noted that before the president exited the White House, “reporters saw staffers loading golf clubs into one of the vehicles in Trump’s motorcade.”

The report also added that Trump’s new best friend, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, was also accompanying the president – after the GOP senator lied this week about Trump shooting 73 “in windy and wet conditions.”

As the NBC News tracker calculates, Trump’s latest visit to his club in Virginia marks the 72nd day of his presidency he is spending on a golf course and the 92nd time day he is visiting one of his own properties. In total, Trump has been in office for 267 days.

According to some quick, back-of-the-napkin math, that means that Trump has spent 27 percent of his presidency golfing and more than a third at one of his ritzy properties.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are now at risk of seeing their health care obliterated, Puerto Rico continues to recover from a devastating storm, the Iran nuclear agreement has been abandoned by the U.S., California wildfires are still raging – and, by the way, there have been no steps taken by the White House or Congress to prevent another Las Vegas-style mass shooting from happening again.

It’s one thing to occasionally take a break, as just about every president has done. But for a guy who is so miserably failing at his job at a time when so much is unfolding across the globe, perhaps he should spend a weekend or two at the White House studying up and doing his job.

If Trump can’t do that, then he should take a one-way flight to one of his properties and never come back.