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Trump Throws Himself A Giant Pity Party After First Russia Collusion Charges Approved

Trump went on a self-pity parade and complained about how badly the press is treating him which was not a coincidence after the reports of the first criminal charges being approved in the Russia collusion investigation.

The President tweeted:

Trump responded with a ball of sad sack self-pity. The shape of Trump mental state is coming into focus. The President is going to blame Hillary Clinton, and the press for his own campaign’s behavior in the Russia scandal. The White House hasn’t held a press conference after the reports that charges were approved. There was no official White House statement or nothing that could be viewed as a professional response.

The “official response” was Trump melting down and tweeting a Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper article about Hillary Clinton is the real Russia colluder, and a Saturday morning pity party before the President goes off to play golf.

Trump is depressed and falling apart. The Russia scandal just got real, and all this president can do in response is whine and mope.

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