By An Overwhelming Margin Voters Say They Want A Democratic Congress To Check Trump

By a margin of 46%-28% voters surveyed in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll said that they want to elect a Democratic Congress in 2018 to limit and check Trump.

NBC News reported, “46 percent, say their vote in November 2018 will be to send a message for more Democrats to serve as a check and balance to Trump and congressional Republicans. That’s compared with 28 percent who say their vote will be a message for more Republicans to help Trump and congressional Republicans pass their agenda. Another 22 percent said their vote would be a different message than either of those two choices.”

For decades, American voters have demonstrated that they are not comfortable with one party controlling both the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government, but distaste for one party government has grown into an urgent need for action under Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress. Trump has no knowledge or ability to lead, and Congressional Republicans are trapped in an endless cycle of infighting and dysfunction that leaves them unable to govern.

Trump and the Republican agenda are both wildly unpopular. The fact that they only seem interested in courting their wealthy donors and the 32%-38% who support them has motivated many Americans across the political spectrum into action.

Vith a little more than a year to go before the midterm election, Americans want a Democratic Congress to check an unstable president who has proven to be untrustworthy. Republicans could be facing a no-win situation where they can’t run away from Trump because he remains popular with the Republican base, but they can run with him because he is toxic to 60%-70% of the electorate.

If the voters turn their intentions into action, the Donald Trump presidency will grind to a halt in January 2019.