Opinion: As Snake Continues To Slither, Loyalty To Trump Will Wither

The President of the United States has spent his entire life trampling law, bullying subordinates, disrespecting races different from his and dodging all accountability for his actions. He’s about to learn that karma has a way of righting wrongs and humbling the most powerful of men.

The indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, coupled with George Papadopolous’ guilty plea, signal the tide is turning against Trump. Donald Trump demands implicit loyalty from those around him, while he is quick to cut the proverbial cord and denigrate his support staff, while simultaneously throwing them under the bus at the first hint of trouble.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has meticulously coordinated a strategy to ensnare Trump associates and present them with a simple choice upon prosecution. You or him? By securing evidence of dishonesty, money laundering, and other suspect business dealings, Mueller has created leverage to bring down the ultimate criminal, the president himself.

Upon learning of the identities of those indicted on 10/30/17, the Liar in Chief scrambled to deemphasize the roles of all three men involved. However, the infinite stupidity of Donald Trump did not allow him to realize that the truth is easily attainable. Foreign Policy Advisor was called nothing more than a “coffee boy,” yet there was evidence of him attending high-level meetings with the president and key members of his team. He insisted that former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort’s crimes had been committed long before coming aboard Team Trump. Evidence exists to the contrary, that will show Manafort acted as a liaison between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The case of George Papadopoulos may prove to be vital on several fronts. Papadopoulos was turned by Mueller’s team in silence, entering a guilty plea weeks ago. There very well may be more embedded Trump associates in the White House, who have also already agreed to cooperate with the investigation unbeknownst to Trump. With his propensity to talk unguarded and without thought, it’s quite possible that Trump is building a strong case against himself every day.

What may turn out to be his ultimate undoing, is Trump’s habit of belittling and smearing those who he perceives as threats. Mueller undoubtedly has more people under his radar and close to indictment. The nature of Trump can and will be used against him. Mueller can now easily point to Trump’s ridiculous lies and boorish behavior regarding Papadopoulos, as reasons to fully cooperate with investigators. Trump has proved that he has no intention of reciprocating loyalty and will go out of his way to distance himself from those accused in any way possible.

Donald Trump has lived his life by his own rules. His blatant disregard for the rule of law and moral code have served him and family well. It’s not only ironic but well deserved that these same qualities will come back to haunt him and his entire criminally complicit family. Donald Trump, America would like to introduce you to karma. Or as we like to call him, Mr. Robert Mueller.