Another Republican Flees The Trump Dumpster Fire As Rep. Frank LoBiondo Will Retire

A House Republican who was going to be a top target of Democrats in 2018, Rep. Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey will retire.

Jonathan Martin tweeted:

Retirements from long-term swing state Republican incumbents like LoBiondo send a clear message about the climate that they expect to be facing in 2018. There has been a wave of Republican retirements in the House and Senate, and they all share some common themes. Right-wing extremists who represent deep red states or districts aren’t the people who are heading for the exits. Moderate Republicans and those who represent swing districts see the writing on the wall.

The odds are growing by the day that voters are going to take out their discontent over Trump on the Republican congressional majority. The now open seat in South New Jersey is a pick up waiting to happen for Democrats. Trump may have carried the district in 2016, but in 2018, Democrats will be ready to swing the district blue.

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