Jeff Sessions Blows A Gasket When He’s Accused Of Perjury During House Hearing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions blew up and yelled that it wasn’t fair when he was accused of perjury during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.


After Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) built the case that Sessions has perjured himself multiple times before Congress, the Attorney General lost his temper, began yelling and said, “Mr. Jeffries. Mr. Jeffries. Nobody, not you, or anyone else should be prosecuted, not me, or accused of perjury for answering the questions the way I did in this hearing. I’ve always tried to answer the questions fairly and accurately, but to ask did you ever do something? Did you ever meet with Russians and deal with campaign? You’re saying Mr. Carter Page who left that meeting according to the press reports and I guess his deposition and interview has been reported as saying I’m going to Russia. I made no response to him, didn’t acknowledge it, and you’re accusing me of lying about that? I would say that’s not fair, Mr. Jeffries. I would say that’s not fair colleagues.”

People who are telling the truth don’t need to raise their voices and complain about fairness. The Attorney General never denied that he made false statements to Congress. Sessions tried to distract by creating a theatrical scene and blaming Hakeem Jeffries.

Do you know who doesn’t have to worry about fairness?

Anyone who has never perjured themselves while testifying in front of Congress.

Jeff Sessions got visibly angry when he was accused of perjury, but the fact is that he never denied perjuring himself, and his little meltdown isn’t fooling anyone.

The Attorney General can try to distract, but his false statements to Congress won’t be forgotten.

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