Al Franken’s Accuser Says She Doesn’t Think He Should Resign From The Senate

The woman accusing Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) of sexual harassment, Leeann Tweeden, said that she does not think Franken should step down, but she might change her mind if more women come forward.

Tweeden accepted Franken’s apology:

She also said that Franken shouldn’t step down, but that her opinion might change if more women come forward:

This is in no way meant to diminish what Sen. Franken has admitted to doing. There must be an ethics investigation, and I suspect, it will be up to the voters of Minnesota to decide whether or not Franken continues serving in the Senate. What Al Franken did was wrong. Period. Democrats must send the message that sexual harassment will not be tolerated, and Sen. Franken’s behavior serves as a good reminder that sexual harassment is not partisan.