House Republicans Are Freaking Out Because They Think Schumer Is Going To Play Trump On The Shutdown

According to reports, nervous House Republicans are freaking over Chuck Schumer hosing them by cutting a deal with Trump to give Democrats what they want and avoid a government shutdown.

Jake Sherman of Politico tweeted:

House Republicans should be flipping out right now, because Schumer does better with Trump than Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of his own party. House Republicans better get ready because if Trump cuts a deal with Sen. Schumer, it will almost certainly include DACA and giving the Democrats everything that they want.

The question is whether or not a Schumer/Trump deal could make it through the House. It is possible that shutdown script could flip, and House Republicans could shut down the government if they don’t like the deal.

Given the ease with which Trump can be swayed, Republicans have every right to be nervous about Chuck Schumer cutting a deal with their president.

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