Fox News Tries To Quiet Tantruming Baby Trump With A 2 Hour Bill Clinton Scandal Special

With Trump going off the rails about the Russia scandal, Fox News is counterprogramming to cheer the president up with a 2 hour special on Bill Clinton’s scandals from the 1990s.

It is being reported that Trump is angry in raging over the Russia scandal, but no worries, the president’s favorite television channel is doing their part to turn his frown upside down:

Fox News is the only news network in America where the Russia scandal does not exist. To be fair, all the cable networks run tapped programming or specials. MSNBC viewers remember the days when Rachel Maddow signed off on Friday nights and was followed by a Lockup marathon for most of the hours of the weekend, but unlike the documentaries produced by their competitors, only Fox would retreat back to the last Democratic scandal of the 1990s in an effort to make their audience of one feel better.

It won’t be a shock to anyone if Trump tweets about the Clinton scandal tonight or on Monday morning.

Fox News isn’t just providing with all of his information. They are also giving him some feel better television that is as far away from his dumpster fire presidency as one can get.

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