Trump Is So Mentally Gone That Republicans Say He’s Divorced From Reality

Republicans on Capitol Hill are on ignoring Trump’s public comments because they believe that the president is divorced from reality.

Katy Tur asked Jeremy Peters of The New York Times on MSNBC, “Is anyone listening to him on Capitol Hill? Because it sure seems like with that comment we heard yesterday and what’s happening today, that the answer is no.”

Peters answered. “Leaders have said as much, the president, the president, as usual, is having these conversations with himself in a silo, completely divorced from reality on Capitol Hill. We’ve seen this time and time again, where the president doesn’t understand or care to understand the finer points of how deals get done on capitol hill. The immigration debate and the budget debate are happening completely separate from one another. They’re not related. And if there’s not an immigration deal, the government is not going to shut down. So the president’s insistence that a shutdown would be great is just really irrelevant to this discussion.”

Trump has damaged the presidency

Trump has turned the presidency into the mutterings of an out of touch old man who is ignored by those around him. The presidency was the most powerful job in the world, but in a little more than a year under Trump it has become a tool for personal graft and a platform for tweets.

Trump isn’t leading. Trump isn’t following. Donald Trump is not there. The president appears to spend his days in the White House counting down the hours until he can go on his next taxpayer-funded golf trip to one of his properties.

What makes the Trump presidency so unique is that he doesn’t want to expand the power of the office. Trump wants to use the office to grow his personal power in authoritarian ways.

If Republicans don’t think Trump is worth listening to, then it is time for Donald Trump to be removed from office.

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