Trump Offers Bogus Thoughts And Prayers As Children Die In Parkland School Shooting

Trump responded to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that is being reported as a mass casualty incident by offering nothing more than bogus thoughts and prayers on Twitter.

Trump tweeted, because getting out of bed and speaking to the Ameican people would be too much work:

While Trump tweets, local media is reporting that the shooting is a mass casualty incident with 20-50 victims:

Thoiughts and prayers do nothing for shooting victims

The people that have died or are dying in the Parkland, Florida school shooting need more than thoughts and prayers. They need action from their government. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has made buying a gun absurdly easy in the state. Scott, by the way also tweeted thoughts and prayers. The mass shootings are not going to stop. Americans will never be safe at school, concerts, or even walking down the street until the causes of mass shootings are dealt with.

America doesn’t need Trump’s hollow thoughts and prayers. The country needs real leadership that will address the mass shooting problem.