Tom Steyer’s Campaign To Impeach Trump Passes 5 Million Supporters

Tom Steyer’s Need To Impeach campaign has gotten more than five million supporters in a little over four months.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Need To Impeach announced phase two of their campaign:

Tom Steyer’s Need to Impeach campaign—launched four months ago—has just reached more than five million supporters. This milestone comes at the kickoff of phase two of the campaign. In this stage, Need to Impeach will focus on reaching new audiences across the political spectrum about the need to remove Donald Trump from office, while continuing to deepen its reach and engage constituents in districts held by members of Congress who have not voted for impeachment.

Political strategists say the Need to Impeach list, which grows by several thousand each day, can be a powerful political tool that may influence the results of the November election.

Phase two of Need to Impeach includes:

– Holding 30 Need to Impeach events in communities across the country, specifically focused on swing seats and districts where members of Congress have not voted in favor of impeachment.

– Arming all candidates running for Congress with polling that shows more than 76 percent of Democrats and 42 percent of Independents want Trump removed from office, and details of the eight impeachable offenses he has committed while in office, including obstruction of justice, abusing the pardon power, and violating the emoluments clause.

– Mobilizing the digital army to communicate with its Congressional representatives and protect the foundation of our democracy.

Steyer said, “The Need to Impeach campaign has given people—angered and frustrated since Donald Trump entered the Oval Office—a platform to come together as a powerful and united front, demanding action and holding our elected leaders in Washington, D.C. accountable. We are making the patriotic case, reaching across the political aisle, about the need to save our democracy from Trump and his administration. The more people learn about the inner workings of Trump’s finances and his campaign’s ties to Russia, the more convinced they will be that the only solution is to remove him from power.”

Need To Impeach is building a powerful movement

Steyer unveiled the second ad of the campaign at the California Democratic Convention. As questions grow about the Trump/Russia relationship and top White House staffers resign, the hunger is growing for Trump impeachment. Tom Steyer is an activist with millions of people behind him, and those proud Americans believe that Donald Trump is corrupt, illegitimate, and must be removed from office.