Watch The Brutal New Tom Steyer Ad Calling For Trump Impeachment


Billionaire Tom Steyer has unveiled a new ad that calls for Trump to be impeached over his business dealings with Russia that he is trying to hide.

The Tom Steyer ad:


Steyer called on all members of the California congressional delegation to support Trump impeachment, “If we intend to take back the House in November, Democratic leaders need to start listening to the people who voted them into their seats. It’s undemocratic for our leaders to sit on their hands as their constituents demand action and the stability and safety of our democracy is in jeopardy. We call on all members of Congress representing California to stand up and hold this president accountable.”

The Tom Steyer ad is a move to pressure Congress

Steyer’s point while speaking at the California Democratic convention was to pressure 24 Democratic members of the California congressional delegation that did not support Rep. Al Green’s impeachment resolution. The dispute between Democrats isn’t whether or not to impeach Trump, but when to begin impeachment proceedings. The Democrats who voted against Green’s resolution argued that they don’t want to blow their impeachment argument on a resolution that was doomed to fail while Republicans control Congress.

The Steyer ad was brutal. These ads are going to gain even more weight as the Mueller investigation builds the case against the Trump campaign and administration. Impeachment of Trump feels inevitable with the only question being whether or not Trump will make it through his term without being impeached.