Stormy Daniels Is About To Unleash Holy Hell On Donald Trump

During an appearance on CNN, the attorney for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, said that they are going to obtain documents and discovery in court that proves that Trump knew everything that was going on with porn star payoff.


Avenatti said, “We will be able to obtain discovery and documents and testimony that is going show I am highly confident at all times Mr. Trump knew exactly what was going on. I want to set the stage for a moment as to what happened here. According to Mr. Cohen, he was doing this all on his own. First of all, he had ethical obligations a as a licensed attorney in New York to keep his client informed at all times. You’re talking about the waning days of a presidential election where everything mattered. Mr. Cohen wants the American people to believe that he ran off half-cocked, negotiated a very detailed agreement with a signature line for his client, arranged this payment, made this payment in the waning days 2016 presidential election, and all the time his client was in the dark and Mr. Trump knew nothing about it. It is laughable. It’s absurd, and the mere suggestion is an insult to the American people.”

Stormy Daniels is about to give Trump a massive problem

It isn’t whether or not Stormy Daniels wins the case that is a political problem. It isn’t even the penis pics or anything else that Daniels may have. The cover-up of the payoff and the lies are the problem for Trump. If Stormy Daniels and her lawyers blow the lid off of the cover-up through discovery, who knows how many other payments and agreements are out there?

The cover-ups and lies could add up to more impeachable offenses. Republicans already set a precedent for lying about affairs as an impeachable offense when they tried to remove Bill Clinton from office. If any of this cover-up continued after Trump took office, this scandal is going to explode.

Trump already has Robert Mueller breathing down his neck, but it is Stormy Daniels who could put an immediate world of hurt on this president.

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