Trump Doubles Down On Stupid By Pushing Kellyanne Conway To Be Communications Director

The Atlantic reports that “Counselor to the President” Kellyanne Conway is this close to accepting the recently (and repeatedly) vacated White House Communications Director position. Evidently being an enabling, lying sycophant Trump’s being a violator of ethics law.

That would make her the 5th person to hold that job in the Trump administration in 1 year, 60 days, and about 6 hours… but who’s counting? #everyone

For those scoring at home, here’s a rundown of the Communications Directors who came before Kellyanne:

Most recently there was Hope Hicks, who lasted 217 days (though rumor has it she started eyeing the exits just a few months into her tenure).

Before Hicks, there was the Mooch! Anthony Scaramucci clung to the job with his fingernails for 10 days.

Of course, there was Sean Spicer before him. Fun fact: Spicer held the position twice, actually. First for 45 days, and later for another 48 days.

Before them all there was Mike Dubke, who managed to swallow his pride for 88 days.

Evidently, Conway uncharacteristically declined to comment to The Atlantic, but no worries! Lots of other people had plenty of comments to share!

One insider offered that Trump “basically told her she’s no longer allowed to say no.” HAHA! She’s getting an offer she can’t refuse!

Another said that “It’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to say no.” It’s also becoming increasingly difficult for her to say anything truthful, but lucky for her, being White House Communications Director means never having to say you’re sorry.