Donald Trump: Misogynist In Chief.

Between the recent  "Rudy Can Fail" tour, Donald Trump's meltdown today in response to a question posed by a reporter and, well, take your pick of any number of recent Trump administration scandals it was easy to miss that the Trump White House snubbed the not-so-recently-crowned WNBA champions, Minnesota Lynx.

Swamp Things: The Trump Administration Will Drown In Its Own “Swampiness.”

During Thursday’s Energy and Commerce Committee hearing many Republicans rushed to the defense of embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, to the surprise of exactly no one.

Texas’ Joe Barton bemoaned that “<Pruitt is> not the first person to be the victim of -for lack of a better term- Washington politics,” while David McKinley of West Virginia clucked that this morning’s hearing was a “classic display of innuendo and McCarthyism.” read more

Kids Not Exactly Bowled Over By The Annual White House Easter Egg Roll

Donald Trump opened the annual White House Easter Egg Roll with a reminder for the kids: American military might is the mightiest!

He told the kids (after describing the White House as “this house or building or whatever you want to call it because there is no name for it, it is special” and as a place they keep “in tip-top shape, we call it sometimes tippy-top shape, and it’s a great, great place”) that they don’t need to worry! The military will be -thanks to him, of course- “at a level it’s never been before.” He added that “you see what’s happening with funding” and told the increasingly-confused kids they should “just think of $700 billion, because that’s what’s going into our military this year.” read more

Sinclair Is Less A Broadcast Group Than It’s An Army Of Trump Culture Warriors

If you thought the antics of  Fox News were bad, wait’ll you get a load of Sinclair Broadcast Group‘s latest scheme.

You may remember Sinclair Broadcast Group because not too long ago we learned that they can just about reach into 75% of American homes. That news didn’t make the news that CNN reported earlier this very month that Sinclair would be requiring their anchors to record “media bashing” promos that decry “fake news” any less chilling. CNN’s Brian Stelter went so far as to say the campaign “sounds like pro-Trump propaganda.” read more

Hypocrite House Republicans Are Pushing A Balanced Budget Amendment

A wiser man than me once said “Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.”

In news that vaults easily over the huge pile of colorful metaphors it engenders, The Hill tells us that House Republicans are -with straight faces- pushing a balanced budget amendment. That push will come after their latest break … which they surely needed, what with planning on working all of 121 days in total this year. read more

Mitt Romney Has Managed To Make Trump Look Reasonable On Immigration

Run, Romney! Run!

Not even two months into his run for Orrin Hatch’s Utah Senate seat, the Daily Herald reports that Mitt Romney has run right over Trump and most of his GOP colleagues on immigration, telling voters at a campaign Q&A that “I’m… more of a hawk on immigration than even the President. My view was these DACA kids shouldn’t all be allowed to stay in the country legally.” read more

Roseanne Wants You To “Zip That F*king Lip” Jimmy Kimmel!

It didn’t take long for Roseanne Barr’s  interview on last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to take a turn for the terse.

Roseanne and co-star John Goodman were on the show to talk about reboot of beloved 90’s sitcom “Roseanne” that premiers on ABC March 27th… but Jimmy Kimmel had other plans. Like many of us who’ve followed Roseanne’s career and enjoyed her portrayal of a working-class family on her hit sitcom, he’s been perplexed by her support for Donald Trump. Specifically, by her vote for Donald Trump. read more