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VA Secretary Shulkin Out; Rear Admiral Jackson In

This afternoon Donald Trump fired off two Tweets, announcing the removal of VA Secretary David Shulkin, and his nomination to replace him, Trump’s personal physician rear admiral Ronny Jackson. ….In the interim, Hon. Robert Wilkie of DOD will serve as Acting Secretary. I am thankful for Dr. David Shulkin’s service to our country and to our…


New Poll Confirms What We Already Knew: Trump’s Tax Bill Hasn’t Been Helping The Majority’s Paychecks

A new CNBC All-America Economic Survey has found the the majority of Americans haven’t been experiencing the economic boost Trump promised his tax plan would deliver. The poll found that 52% haven’t seen any change in their paychecks whatsoever. Of those who say they have seen an increase in the money they’re taking home, very…


GOP Congressman Calls Out His Own Party And Evangelicals For Silence On Stormy Daniels Scandal

  Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent called out legislators in his party for their hypocritical responses to the scandal of Bill Clinton’s infidelity during his presidency compared to how they’re responding to Trump’s scandal involving Stormy Daniels, a porn actress whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. “A lot…


Robert Mueller Is Sowing The Russia Seeds For Trump’s Destruction

Special Counsel Robert Mueller for the first time directly connected the Trump campaign to Russian intelligence in a new court filing. Reuters reported, “The connection between Gates and the former intelligence officer, identified only as “Person A” in the records filed late on Tuesday, is significant because criminal charges against Gates and Manafort relate only…


Book excerpt: The untold story of MLK and RFK

On April 4, 1968, a single gunshot killed civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. on a motel balcony in Memphis. On June 5 of that same year, Senator Robert F. Kennedy — brother of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, the former U.S. Attorney General and a presidential candidate — was fatally shot at a Los Angeles hotel after winning California’s Democratic primary.

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