Rachel Maddow Delivers Chilling Warning: A ‘Legal Hurricane’ Is About To Hit Trump


Rachel Maddow delivered a chilling warning to Donald Trump on Wednesday, addressing the president directly and saying that a “legal hurricane” could be on the verge of taking down his administration.

The MSNBC host pointed to new special counsel filings showing that Trump’s campaign manager and deputy campaign manager were “in frequent contact” with Russian military intelligence.

“That’s not us guessing at what the special counsel office is looking at,” Maddow said.  “That’s them telling us what they’ve got in court filings.”



Maddow said:

Dear Mr. President with no legal team: These filings from the special counsel’s office now spell out explicitly that during your presidential campaign, your campaign manager and your deputy campaign manager were in frequent contact with, what’s the phrase? With a person the FBI assesses to have had current ties to a Russian intelligence service. And they couldn’t have been unwittingly duped into doing this, because your deputy campaign manager is on record, telling other people at the time, “Hey, call this guy. He’s GRU. He’s Russian military intelligence.” And that’s not us guessing at what the special counsel’s office is looking at. That’s them telling us what they’ve got in court filings. … The investigation is getting explicit and aggressive. And it seems like it very well may be about collusion with Russia, directly. We’ve also now got the first report that the president may have opinion offering pardons to at least two of the people who ultimately got charged. There’s chaos in this young administration, sure, and that is interesting for all sorts of reasons. I don’t think, though, that you can separate that from the fact that there is also now a legal hurricane swirling around a basically unreinforced, undefended president.

The new filings have reignited the collusion case

With much of the focus being on the obstruction aspect of Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation, the court filings Maddow cited on Wednesday show that the special counsel is still aggressively tackling the collusion angle.

As the MSNBC host pointed out, this no longer speculation. Mueller is telling us that he’s investigating Trump’s campaign manager and deputy campaign manager for direct ties with Russian intelligence in 2016.

In other words, Trump’s repeated efforts to paint the Russia-collusion story as a hoax apparently haven’t worked on Robert Mueller.

Add this to the already-solid case that Trump has obstructed justice, and the President of the United States appears to be in some pretty serious legal trouble – a “legal hurricane,” as Maddow ominously said on Wednesday.

Worse for the president: There is no legal team in place to protect him from it.