Trump Celebrates Easter With A Full Blown Meltdown On Immigration


Trump spent two words of his Twitter meltdown mentioning the Easter holiday. The rest of his tweets attacked immigrants.

A disinterested Trump first wished everyone a Happy Easter:


He came back to Twitter two hours later to launch an un-Christian attack on immigrants:

3 Facts About The Trump Easter Meltdown

1). Trump has been killing DACA deals for months – Trump’s threat of no DACA deal is meaningless because he has killed any bipartisan DACA deal that has been offered to him. It was reported in January 2018 that Trump never intended to make a deal to keep the DREAMERS in the country. His plan from day one has been to deport the DREAMERS and blame Democrats. Trump has said repeatedly that there will only be a DACA deal if Democrats pay for the wall. Democrats aren’t going to pay for the wall, so now that Trump is backed into a corner, he is pretending like he is pulling a deal off of the table.

2). Mexico and Canada will do a trade deal without the US
– Trump’s fantasy that he can force Mexico to pay for his wall by pulling out of NAFTA was pure gibberish. Mexico and Canada now have more leverage over the US, because they are a part of TPP 11. Trump has greatly overestimated the position of the US. Both Canada and Mexico have other trade options that don’t include the US. Trump is not going to be able to get Mexico to pay for his wall by pulling out of NAFTA. The end result is going to hurt trade and there will still be no wall.

3). There are no big flows of people trying to take advantage of DACA – DACA only applies to 800,000 immigrants who were brought to the US as children. It is not causing waves of people show up at the southern border. Trump lied about DACA to give himself justification for deporting DREAMERS. Anyone who reports that Trump “called off” the DACA deal is not painting the full picture. Trump has been calling off DACA deals for months, but if Congress passes a bill to protect the DREAMERS with a veto-proof majority, there is nothing that he can do about it.

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