New Poll Provides Proof That Trump Is In Serious Trouble

Don’t let the distractions of Syria and Comey’s book fool you.  For Trump there is no “deep state” but only deep trouble.

The president is facing big legal trouble coming from prosecutors and he has equally serious political trouble coming from public opinion, as shown in a new poll from ABC and the Washington Post.

Mueller (as well as the federal and state prosecutors in Manhattan who raided Michael Cohen’s office) don’t care if Comey thinks Trump had raccoon eyes or acted like a mob boss.  They also don’t care what outrageous slander is thrown at them by Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Devin Nunes or any other Trump surrogate.

None of those things matter when a person is indicted and has to appear in court to face criminal charges.  Mueller’s team and the team of federal and states prosecutors in New York are 100% focused on their job, which is to obtain sufficient evidence they need to present in court of law and convict people of crimes.

Blowhards on Fox News won’t have any say in what evidence a criminal court sees to determine the guilt or innocence of Michael Cohen, or Donald Trump or any of the other co-conspirators.  

These top-notch prosecutors also don’t care if Trump bombs Syria or anywhere else.  Such people are not distracted by shiny objects or any other attempts by the con man in charge to take their attention away from the job at hand.

They have been working for nearly two years obtaining witness testimony, documents, bank records, indictments and even computers, cell phones and audio tapes obtained from Trump attorney Michael D. Cohen.  All of this spells deep, deep trouble for Trump, Cohen and many other people.

It should come as no surprise Mueller and his team also have the support of the American people.

According to the new Post-ABC News poll almost 70% of Americans support Mueller’s investigation into collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia, only only 25% oppose it.  This is evidence that if Trump tries to get rid of Mueller it may be the dumbest political move of all time. (In fact many Democrats hope it happens because it would turn the 2018 Blue Wave into a Blue Tsunami.)

According to the poll, big majorities also indicate they approve of the special counsel investigating Trump’s business activities and also investigating hush money payments by Cohen to women who had affairs with the president.  Inquiring minds what to know the truth, and trust Mueller to get it!

This poll shows that Comey’s book and what Trump and his surrogates say about the former FBI Director are not relevant.  

Nasty tweets and Hannity’s lies won’t help Trump, in either the court of public opinion or a court of law.  The clock is ticking on the Trump presidency and recent developments provide compelling proof that the end is near.