Michael Cohen: Trump is Taking Control of His NYC Legal Defense and He Has No Idea What He’s Doing [VIDEO]

No matter what room he’s in, Donald Trump always assumes he the smart person in it. When he was in the White House he frequently ignored the ideas of more experienced and educated advisers.

And whether he realizes it or not, Trump is now in the biggest legal fight of his life. Michael Cohen, a long-time lawyer for the ex-president, says he will take control of his defense and he has no idea what he’s doing. read more

Michael Cohen Details Trump’s Troubles: Don’t Forget, NY Has Giuliani’s Documents Too

Michael Cohen was willing to do anything for his former comment, Donald Trump. The former lawyer went to jail, essentially for protecting his former client.

And now that Trump is set to face consequences for his actions, Cohen has been taking a bit of a victory lap. And during a Wednesday appearance on Ari Melber‘s show, Cohen talked about the serious legal issues Trump is facing. read more

Michael Cohen: Trump Is Afraid of a “Massive Tax Bill” If He Releases His Returns

Michael Cohen believes Donald Trump doesn’t want to release his tax returns because he could end up owing large amounts in back taxes and penalties once forensic accountants take a look at them.

The President’s former lawyer and fixer spoke to CNN about Trump’s taxes on Wednesday. He suggested they would show Trump isn’t as rich as he claims but that wasn’t his primary concern.

He doesn’t report the income he claims,” Cohen said.

His wealth is not as significant, and I imagine they were probably lenient in how they took deductions.”

Watch part of Cohen’s comments:

“I was a sycophant,” @MichaelCohen212, Trump’s former attorney, says about his time working with the President.https://t.co/N2lClDLufp pic.twitter.com/gHFWTzVf1W

— New Day (@NewDay)

September 16, 2020 read more

John Bolton Calls Trump’s Comments “Despicable” as Michael Cohen Claims Report Is Accurate

Two people who once worked closely with Donald Trump have weighed in on reports that he mocked dead troops and those missing in action. John Bolton and Michael Cohen both made remarks on Friday.

Bolton, the former National Security Advisor, gave an interview Friday morning. He claimed he hadn’t heard the President saying the exact comments reported, but suggested he probably had.

These comments are despicable. If he made them, they are despicable,” Bolton told Bloomberg Radio. read more

Michael Cohen Records Anti-Trump Ads to Air During Republican Convention

Michael Cohen has recorded a series of ads criticizing Donald Trump that will air during this week’s Republican National Convention. They will paint the President as a liar.

Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, announced on Twitter that the ads would air during the Republican Party’s key 2020 election event, where the President is expected to speak every day.

Later this week, he’s going to stand up and blatantly lie to you. I’m here to tell you he can’t be trusted — and you shouldn’t believe a word he utters,” Cohen says in the ad released on Sunday.

The people who know Donald Trump best are sounding the alarm: our country cannot survive four more years of a Trump presidency.

In our latest ad, a former member of his inner circle & "fixer" — @MichaelCohen212 — has a dire warning for us all. #RNC2020 pic.twitter.com/suPUODOdwz read more

Opinion: Choose The America That Respects Its Electorate

It was a week of contrasts between the democracy we have and the tyranny Donald Trump is trying to build on the ash heap of what use to be America.

Enter Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, representing the America we are, where people seek a more perfect Union. All people regardless of skin color, citizenship, how they pray or who they love are recognized as human beings worthy of respect and dignity.  It’s a place where character and honesty matter.  The law applies to everyone the same way whether they exercise power every day or once every two years. read more

New Cohen Memo Is ‘Smoking Gun’ — Says Trump Encouraged Him to Lie

Attorneys for Michael Cohen have given documents to Congress which accuse Donald Trump and his team of lawyers of directing Cohen to lie to Congress about when negotiations ended for a major real estate deal in Moscow.

The new information, reported today in Buzzfeed News, adds another layer to the Cohen controversy and makes it more likely that Trump may be charged with committing a crime.

According to Buzzfeed, there was a memo sent to top House Democrats setting forth the allegations, and offering proof. They now want the House committees to further investigate Trump and use the information in possibly bringing charges against him.

The document submitted to Congress states that Trump “encouraged Cohen to lie and say all Moscow Tower project contacts ended as of January 31, 2016 using ‘code’ language — telling Cohen during various conversations that there was ‘no collusion, no Russian contacts, nothing about Russia’ after the start of the campaign.’”

The memo also deals with significant issues that have been at the heart of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. As Mueller looked into coordination between the Russian government and individuals in Trump’s campaign, Cohen believes he now has something important to add. Even though Mueller’s probe is over, House Democrats will be continuing their own investigation.

Attorney General William Barr wrote a letter saying that the Mueller report did not find that the Trump campaign “conspired or coordinated with Russia.” Of course, nobody has seen the Mueller report except Barr, and he could be lying, or telling only part of the truth.

Cohen’s memo included over 100 pages of supporting documents. It says that the former Trump personal attorney will “lay bare a conspiracy to collude” with the Russian government during the campaign. Cohen also says he can provide proof of other crimes committed by the president.

Cohen’s memo seems to confirm earlier reporting from BuzzFeed News which said that Cohen had told investigators Trump had directed him to lie about the timing of real estate negotiations in Moscow.

In January, BuzzFeed News reported that Cohen had described being instructed by the president to say the project was terminated long before Trump became the frontrunner in the Republican primary.

In response to the story at that time some Democrats in Congress demanded Trump’s impeachment.

A few hours after BuzzFeed’s report, a spokesperson for Mueller’s office stated, “BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate.”

Although BuzzFeed was accused of faulty reporting, they never backed down or withdrew their original article, saying the information had been confirmed by reliable sources.

The new memo from Cohen’s attorneys says that Trump “encouraged” him to lie to Congress, alleging the president suborned perjury while in office.
This Could Finally Be the “Smoking Gun” Which Provides Irrefutable Evidence of

Trump’s Crimes read more

New York Prosecutors Release Documents From Cohen FBI Raid

Michael Cohen Documents MSNBC

New York Prosecutors on Tuesday unsealed copies of search warrants and other documents obtained in last April’s FBI raid on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel room.

JUST IN: Partially redacted search warrant materials pertaining to the April 2018 raid on Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel room have been released”

JUST IN: Partially redacted search warrant materials pertaining to the April 2018 raid on Michael Cohen's home, office and hotel room have been released https://t.co/uDVTkD16LA pic.twitter.com/VaNZfFxq5A read more

Legal Experts Identify New ‘High Crimes’ For Which Trump Can Be Impeached

Two of the country’s top experts on constitutional law have just published a new analysis describing new “high crimes and misdemeanors” for which Donald Trump can legitimately be impeached. They also explained why these potential offenses committed by Trump should be immediately investigated by the Justice Department (DOJ).

The experts are renowned Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and a highly-respected constitutional law attorney, Joshua Matz.

Tribe and Matz authored a Daily Beast column saying that since they wrote their book “To End A Presidency: The Power of Impeachment” in May 2018, they have identified two more probable Trump crimes that need to be fully investigated.

They wrote:

“First: Trump’s corrupt failure to defend the United States—and its electoral system—against domestic operations launched by a hostile foreign power.” read more

Trump Job Approval Rating Crashes in New Gallup Poll

A new Gallup poll released Thursday shows Donald Trump with just a 39 percent approval rating, marking the first time in months that it has dropped below 40 percent. It also shows that his approval has dropped 4 points in a month. His approval rating was 43 percent in the second half of February. The president’s approval rating in the Gallup Poll has consistently been at around 40 percent for most of his presidency.

There Has Been Nothing But Bad News for Donald Trump read more