Rachel Maddow Adds To Trump’s Nightmares With Potential Indictment Of The Trump Organization

Rachel Maddow added another wrinkle to Trump’s terrible day by pointing out that the Trump Organization was implicated in Michael Cohen’s crimes, which means that Trump’s company may be facing indictment.


Maddow said, “The president’s company, his business, the Trump Organization, also appears to be implicated in the description of this crime. Because it is the president’s company that is apparently the entity that reimbursed Michael Cohen for the illegal payoff. It was $130,000 illegal payoff to Stormy Daniels. They not only reimbursed him for the payoff. They also paid off a lot more on top of the reimbursement. It is spelled out that Michael Cohen put out this $130,000 as the payoff but then Trump Organization, the president’s business, paid him back. Not $130,000. They paid him back over $420,000. For having provided that service. And that service, of course, was a felony for which Mr. Cohen will now go to prison. They paid him a lot of money to do that. I don’t know if you can indict a president but I’m pretty sure you can indict president’s company.”

Trump and his kids could be in big trouble

The Trump Organization is controlled by Donald Trump and his children. If the Trump Organization is indicted, it is the equivalent to the Trump family being indicted. The fact that Trump used his business to pay back Cohen is representative of how sloppy the president was with his crimes. The Trump administration has been a shoddy affair with no attention paid to detail, and those same characteristics are shining through in the details of Trump’s criminal activities.

The Cohen case is bigger than the presidency. It can destroy the Trump Organization and wreck the lives of the entire Trump family. If the Trump Organization gets indicted, it will be a devastating blow that could land members of Trump’s family in serious legal jeopardy.

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