Bombshell Report Links Trump Hotel Project to Iran Terrorist Group

The Trump administration has just announced plans to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRG) as a terrorist group.

What the announcement failed to mention was that this newly-designated terrorist group was involved in the financing for a Trump Hotel project in the country of Azerbaijan. read more

New York Lawmakers Have Their Own Plan to See Trump’s Tax Returns

Last week House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass) sent a letter to the IRS Commissioner demanding six years of Donald Trump’s tax returns. This started a huge legal and political fight in Washington, with both sides prematurely claiming victory. read more

How the NY Attorney General Can Destroy Trump and His Business

New York Attorney General Letitia (Trish) James promised after she was elected in November that she would “use every area of the law” to investigate President Donald Trump. She won in a landslide, primarily because the theme of her campaign was “Get Trump.” read more

Report: Trump Org. Executives About to Get a ‘Proctology Exam’

Former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen testified under oath yesterday that he believes President Donald Trump committed insurance fraud and tax fraud. And after that bombshell he went one step further and actually gave up the names of the Trump Organization executives who were involved in and would have information about such illegal schemes. read more

Trump Fires Undocumented Workers From More Golf Resorts

Trump golfs more than Obama

The Trump Organization has reportedly fired more undocumented workers, this time at its golf club in Pine Hill, New Jersey. The New York Times reports that about five workers at the club, known as Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia, were fired or told not to return to work. This is the third report of undocumented immigrants losing their jobs at Trump properties. read more

Trump Crime Family Admits They Hired Illegal Immigrants For Years

Donald Trump’s businesses, run by his children, have employed undocumented immigrants for years. After numerous media reports about these immigrants being mistreated and then fired, the president’s son Eric yesterday announced a new company policy to deal with the problem.  He said that the Trump Organization now plans to institute the federal E-Verify program in every one of its golf clubs, hotels and resorts. read more

Probe of Trump’s Foundation May Bring Down His Business Empire Also

President Donald Trump should be very worried about the investigation into his sham charity turning into an investigation of his business empire, according to a new report from NBC News.

The news service said legal experts believe that the New York state investigations into the charitable Trump Foundation will likely expand to the president’s namesake business, the Trump Organization. read more

Wave of Lawsuits and Investigations Threaten Trump and His Presidency

Two years after Donald Trump won the presidency, every organization he has led in the past decade is under investigation or involved in at least one lawsuit.

Trump’s private company, the Trump Organization, is facing civil suits digging into its business with foreign governments as well as state criminal inquiries into its tax practices. read more

New York Prosecutors Move to Bring Down Trump and His Kids

CNN has reported that New York state prosecutors have asked to meet with Michael Cohen’s attorney. This shows that the State of New York is not waiting for Bob Mueller or other federal law enforcement authorities to pursue criminal investigations against Donald Trump or his children. read more

Michael Avenatti: The World Is Crumbling Around Trump And His Criminal Enterprise

Michael Aventatti responded to the grant of immunity to Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg by saying that the world is crumbling around Donald Trump and his criminal enterprise.

How State Charges Against Trump’s Company Could Destroy His Family

New York state prosecutors in Manhattan are reportedly considering pushing for criminal charges against the Trump Organization and top company officials. The charges would relate to the hush-money payments made by former longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. read more

Rachel Maddow Adds To Trump’s Nightmares With Potential Indictment Of The Trump Organization

Rachel Maddow added another wrinkle to Trump's terrible day by pointing out that the Trump Organization was implicated in Michael Cohen's crimes, which means that Trump's company may be facing indictment.

Steve Schmidt Tells The Nation How Corrupt Trump And His Organization Really Are

It is one thing for liberal leaning political analysts or pundits to discuss Mr. Trump’s apparent meltdown yesterday addressing how his long time friend and lawyer, Michael Cohen is now at the center of a federal investigation and quite another  to witness Republican strategist, and former John McCain campaign Chief Strategist, Steve Schmidt doing so. read more

Eric Trump Whines That His Dad’s Presidency Is Slowing Down The Family Business

If it makes him feel better, his father's presidency hasn't just been bad for his family's business. It's been devastating for the country, too.

Opinion: Swindler Trump Is Using the White House to Rip Off Taxpayers 

Trump is personally profiting from every golf excursion, every luncheon date and his family’s business trips. Americans are pouring their tax dollars directly into the Trump organization.