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Rachel Maddow Delivers A Jaw Dropper By Confirming That Cohen Will Verify To Mueller Trump’s Treason

Rachel Maddow confirmed CNN’s reporting that Michael Cohen said that Trump signed off on infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians and that Cohen is willing to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller what he knows.


Maddow said, “You might remember that Donald Trump Jr. Release what had turned out to be a very misleading statement about the purpose of the meeting and what happened at that meeting. It has been reported that president trump himself was directly, personally involved in drafting that false statement. That false statement has been a focus for Robert Mueller’s investigation. But now again tonight, CNN reporting is that Michael Cohen claims, and should I tell you, there started out as CNN reporting, NBC News has now confirmed Michael Cohen claims that Donald Trump the president knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting with those Russians offering Clinton dirt. Now, what we’re told is that Cohen is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel Robert Mueller. Michael Cohen apparently alleges that he was present along with several other people when Donald Trump was informed about the offer and according to Mr. Cohen’s account, Trump approved going ahead with that meeting with the Russians.”

Rachel Maddow’s confirmation means that Cohen will give Mueller the goods on Trump treason

If Trump approved the meeting with the Russians, then yes, there was collusion, but more importantly, there was also a criminal conspiracy. Cohen has the ability to confirms to Mueller what Trump knew and when he knew it. Trump’s defense on the Russia scandal just took a brutal hit from Cohen. If Michael Cohen’s story checks out and given the amount of evidence that the FBI seized, there is a good chance that it will, it is not a matter of if Trump will be impeached, but will he face criminal charges after he leaves office.

The Russia scandal just went from bad to treasonous for Trump.

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