GOP Strategist Admits That They Can’t Be Saved From The Blue Wave

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos believes that the Republican Party is doomed in November as Trump and GOP can’t be saved from the blue wave.

Castellanos wrote in Politico Magazine, “A little more than six months from now, on November 7, the sun will rise on a political landscape wrecked by President Donald Trump’s first midterm election. Thanks to a map that puts more Democratic than Republican seats at risk, our party will still cling to control of the Senate, but GOP House members lack insulation: They will crawl out from the smoking rubble of a 40- to 50-seat pounding to find they have lost their majority.”

The rest of his article is about how Republicans can embrace Trumpism without Trump. Essentially, Republicans are already trying to rebrand Trump as conservatism. When a party is already doing post-mortems and talking about they can rebrand and rebuild more than six months before an election; it is a sure sign that they are doomed. Republicans already have a deep sense that they are going to lose the House in November, which is why the next six months are so dangerous for the country.

As the calendar gets closer to November, Republicans will get desperate to shove their extremist agenda through Congress and on to Trump’s desk. Paul Ryan is already targeting gutting Medicare, food stamps, and Medicaid as his last big act on his way out of the door. If it begins to look like a Democratic takeover is likely, Republicans will abuse their power in ways that can only be imagined.

Perception is reality is electoral politics, and Republicans perceive the blue wave as unstoppable, which is why it is unlikely to be stopped. Republicans already have a sense that they are going down, the threat is in what they might do to take the rest of the country down with them.

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