Trump To Withdraw The US From Iran Nuclear Deal

It is being reported that Trump will announce at 2 PM ET that he is withdrawing the US from the Iran nuclear deal.

The AP tweeted:

US allies and Republicans in Congress have been trying to convince Trump to stay in the deal, but once again, Trump is showing his shortsighted lack of policy knowledge by being more concerned about keeping a campaign promise than keeping the world safe.

There are already fears that Trump’s announcement is going to set off a Middle East war or a nuclear arms race in the region. There is no good reason for leaving the deal other than Trump thinks that it is a bad deal. Elections have consequences, and one of those consequences at home is going to be rising gas prices because Trump’s decision is going to cause oil prices to increase, which the American people will pay for at the pump.

Trump is moving America backward, and the best hope for the country going forward is that the next president can undo the damage that Trump is doing to the US and around the world.