After Saying He’s Too Busy To Meet With Mueller, Trump Goes Golfing

After his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said that Trump was too busy to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the president spent Saturday golfing.

Giuliani said, “Several things delayed us, with the primary one being the whole situation with North Korea. The president has been very busy. It really would be pretty close to impossible to spend the amount of time on it we would need…The president would probably like the resolution. If we were convinced it would speed up the process, we may do it. If we believed they would go into it honestly and with an open mind, we would be inclined to do it. But right now, we’re not there.”

Here is what Trump is doing this morning according to the White House Press Pool report as provided to PolliticusUSA, “Press vans arrived at Great Falls Plaza at 10 am. The other cars in the motorcade went in the opposite direction toward Trump National Golf Club in Va. Pool is supposed to be holding at an Italian restaurant, but it doesn’t look open yet.”

Trump is too busy to meet with Robert Mueller, but not so busy that he can’t find time to golf.

Donald Trump isn’t too busy. This is a man who has spent the bulk of his presidency tweeting, golfing, going to his Florida club, and watching Fox News.

Trump has been in office for less than two years, but has spent 5 months of his presidency at one of his properties:

Donald Trump isn’t too busy to meet with Mueller. He is dodging him, which is why when subpoenas Trump, he’ll be easy to find. Forget the White House; Trump will be pretending to be president on the golf course.

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