Former Bush Ethics Chief Says Trump Can Be Prosecuted For A Felony


According to former Bush White House ethics chief, and Democratic Senate candidate in Minnesota, Richard Painter, Donald Trump’s disclosure form lie about the payment to Stormy Daniels could and should be prosecuted as a felony.



On MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber, Painter was asked, “Is it a problem if there was a failure to originally report this accurately by Donald Trump? ”

Painter answered, “If he intentionally failed to report it. He covered it up, he lied, that’s a violation of the false statements statute, 18 United States code 1,001, that’s a criminal offense and can be prosecuted as a felony.”

Melber followed up, “Are you saying just doing that about Stormy Daniels in this financial disclosure is actually something the DOJ could use?”

Painter replied, “If he intentionally concealed the payment, yes, he could be prosecuted for that. This is one of many lies and crimes committed by this president. We have just seen evidence just this week of his being brought by the Chinese government. We have a very serious crisis in this country.”

Being that Trump has spent months lying about the payment itself, it should not be difficult to prove that this was not an accidental oversight. Someone didn’t get the date wrong, It is an intentional cover-up. Trump and Michael Cohen were trying to keep the payment secret, which is why the laundered it through his law offices and potentially committed an act of fraud. Painter is correct. Trump could be prosecuted for a felony, and he should be prosecuted for a felony.

The worst thing ever to happen to Donald Trump’s amoral criminal empire was winning the White House. Trump reached too far, and in the process to trying to get the ultimate big score has set himself and his entire operation up for their downfall.

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