Trump Flips Out And Has A Total Sunday Morning Russia Scandal Meltdown

Trump took to Twitter and had himself a Sunday morning meltdown over reports that the Trump campaign was also meeting with Middle Eastern countries about illegal interference in the 2016 election.

Trump tweeted:

Trump didn’t offer a single fact to defend himself in any of these tweets

Trump Twitter tirade was one hundred percent fact-free. The president is obviously very upset that the existence of a meeting an emissary to Middle Eastern princes and the Trump campaign focused on illegally aiding his campaign was revealed. Trump also tried to deflect attention away from his campaign and put it on Hillary Clinton. Of course, there is no evidence to suggest that Hillary Clinton committed a single crime during the election. Trump is ranting about the Cohen raid, which indicates that he is terrified about the evidence that the feds have obtained in that investigation.

Taken together, Trump’s tweets show a scared and cornered potential criminal whose decades of corruption are about to be revealed. Trump offers excuses and deflections, but what is missing is an actual defense of his and his campaign’s actions. Trump is only making himself look more guilty with each tweet.

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