Trump Disrespects The Sacrifices Of The Fallen With Obama Conspiracy Memorial Day Rant

Donald Trump couldn’t honor those who have sacrificed for our country on this Memorial Day without going on a deranged Obama conspiracy rant.

Trump Twitter account started off by saying that those who died for our country would be happy with his economic numbers:

Then after watching some Fox and Friends, somebody got cranky:

Trump mentioned nothing about the sacrifices of the fallen

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s one tweet about his economic that contained three words about Memorial Day, and three tweets quoting Fox News about Trump’s made up Obama spied on me conspiracy.

This behavior is why no one takes Trump seriously as president. He turned the day of remembrance that is Memorial Day into a day that is all about his feelings.’

At least he managed to lay the wreath at Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier without going on a “Spygate” rant:

A president who has no idea about sacrifice and is under federal investigation for betraying his country is not the person to be leading any Memorial Day ceremonies. People like Donald Trump are what those who died for this country were fighting against.

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