Trump Spews Buffoonish Excuse For Why Melania Wore Tone-Deaf Jacket To Visit Detained Kids


Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to spew what could be the most moronic excuse possible for why Melania Trump sported an ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket when traveling to see migrant children who have been separated from their parents and placed in detention centers.

In his tweet, the president said the First Lady’s fashion choice was essentially an intentional act meant to call out the “Fake News Media.”

The president’s flimsy post:


On its face, this is one of the most moronic ramblings Trump has ever spewed on his Twitter page – and that’s saying something. After all, this is a guy who emits nonsensical word vomit on a daily basis.

Instead of just ignoring the controversy over his wife’s wardrobe and letting it blow over, the thin-skinned toddler-in-chief had to weigh in – and, as always, he made things much worse.

His unbelievable excuse read like something a third-grader would tell his teacher after being caught doing something wrong in class. Nobody buys it, and it sounds desperate.

Melania Trump blew a softball trip to visit migrant children

While the focus should be on Trump’s callous and inhumane immigration policies – not his wife’s wardrobe – this controversy is still indicative of just how detached from the real world they are.

Families are suffering at the border. Americans are outraged at the images they see plastered on their television screens. They want answers. More important, they want action.

The First Lady’s trip to the southern border could have been a step by the administration to show that at least someone from the White House is listening and trying to fix what crisis Trump has created.

Instead, it was just another reminder that – from top to bottom – this reality show administration lacks any shred of compassion. They can’t even pretend to care by getting the easy stuff right.

Melania Trump’s jacket wasn’t an accident. It was a bumper sticker for her husband’s immigration policy.