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Trump Tweets “the only Collusion with Russia was with the Democrats”

President Donald Trump’s attempts to gaslight the American people continued early Friday morning when he tweeted new lies and misleading information about the Russia investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump had been on a campaign tour of midwestern states paid for with taxpayer dollars where he took credit for single handedly bringing back the U.S. steel industry. When he arrived home he posted two tweets about “Robert Mueller and his gang of 13 Angry Democrats.”

Trump said they are “highly conflicted” and “obviously cannot find Collusion.”

“Arrived back in Washington last night from a very emotional reopening of a major U.S. Steel plant in Granite City, Illinois, only to be greeted with the ridiculous news that the highly conflicted Robert Mueller and his gang of 13 Angry Democrats obviously cannot find Collusion.”

Trump seemed to be referring to a New York Times article yesterday that said Robert Mueller and his team of world-class prosecutors are including Trump’s many tweets as part of the evidence they are compiling to bring a case against the president for criminal obstruction of justice.

Trump has tweeted and spoken in public dozens of times about the lack of “Collusion” between his presidential campaign and Russia. The president is not knowledgeable enough to realize that “Collusion” is not a crime, and therefore that is not what federal prosecutors are compiling evidence to prove.

In his second tweet Trump wrote:

“the only Collusion with Russia was with the Democrats, so now they are looking at my Tweets (along with 53 million other people) – the rigged Witch Hunt continues! How stupid and unfair to our Country….And so the Fake News doesn’t waste my time with dumb questions, NO.”

Seriously, Donald Trump sounds like a broken record, blaming:

  1. Democrats,
  2. The rigged Witch Hunt, and
  3. Fake News.

He obviously believes that if he tells lies often enough — through Twitter or elsewhere — that people will believe him. The truth is that his core base of supporters WILL believe anything he says, but that is only about 20% of the American electorate. Everyone else knows he is lying.

One thing we know for sure is that Robert Mueller and his team do not take Trump’s tweets seriously. Based on yesterday’s article in the Times, we also know for sure that Mueller is looking at Trump’s tweets to help him prove that the president has committed the crimes of attempting to influence witnesses and obstruct justice.

Trump wrote “now they are looking at my Tweets (along with 53 million other people)” which is true. When he says “they are looking” he’s referring to Mueller’s investigators. In his deranged mind it is relevant that he has 53 million Twitter followers, but it is not relevant at all for the criminal investigation.

Trump’s tweets today are evidence of panic. He knows that he is guilty of crimes and that there is no “witch hunt” or “collusion with Democrats.” 

Yesterday in our story about the New York Times article we reported that:

“Privately Trump’s lawyers are concerned that the special counsel will be able to tie together everything Trump has said and done, including the tweets, to build their criminal case against the president. They will try to prove that Trump put in place a comprehensive and ongoing plan to substantially interfere with the special counsel investigation by improperly influencing witnesses.”

Somebody needs to tell Donald Trump that tweets like the ones he sent today are not helping his case. Instead, they are helping Robert Mueller make a criminal case against him. Trump thinks his tweets will help him win, but in the end they will actually prove to be his downfall.

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