Chuck Schumer To Introduce Resolution Renaming The Senate Office Building After John McCain

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will introduce a resolution renaming the Senate office building after John McCain.

Schumer said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

As you go through life, you meet few truly great people. John McCain was one of them. His dedication to his country and the military were unsurpassed, and maybe most of all, he was a truth teller – never afraid to speak truth to power in an era where that has become all too rare. The Senate, the United States, and the world are lesser places without John McCain.

Nothing will overcome the loss of Senator McCain, but so that generations remember him I will be introducing a resolution to rename the Russell building after him.

Renaming The Russell Building After John McCain Is A Fitting Tribute

John McCain loved the Senate. There is no more fitting tribute to McCain’s life in politics than renaming the Russell building after him. This is a resolution that should pass 99-0. Not a single one of his former Senate colleagues will vote against this measure.

There are some lions of the Senate whose loss is still felt on regular basis. In the last decade, the only loss as big as McCain is the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) whose life was also taken by the same form of brain cancer.

Whether one agreed or disagreed with his politics, McCain’s love of both the Senate and his country were never in question. Whether a building is named after him or not, John McCain will be forever remembered in the Senate.

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