Trump’s New Tweets Prove He Is Out of Touch With Reality

After the deadly mass shooting in Jacksonville Donald Trump did not publicly address the horrible tragedy. Instead he spent that time on Twitter complaining that he doesn’t get enough credit for his supposed accomplishments, while also telling more lies. He lied about his approval rating, saying it is much higher than it is, and also lied about the stock market and the state of the economy. read more

Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Says McCain Timed His Death to Hurt Her

Arizona GOP Senate candidate Kelli Ward wrote a comment on social media Saturday suggesting that a statement issued by Sen. John McCain’s family was intended to hurt her in her bid to win a U.S. Senate seat. On Friday Senator McCain’s family released a public statement saying they had decided to end the senator’s medical treatment for brain cancer which had been going on since the beginning of the year. Senator McCain died Saturday, just a few hours after Ward made the suggestion on Facebook. read more